Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Useless Junk for all

In the first event of the 09 PGA Tour season, Geoff Ogilvy walked away with the victory without much of a challenge from anyone. Sure, Anthony Kim hit what can only be described as an obscene fairway wood into eighteen on Sunday, but other than that Ogilvy was head and shoulders above the rest.

Surprising to some? Shouldn't be. Ogilvy was coming off a busy few weeks in Australia winning his last start, where many of the other players were coming off layoff's. Take nothing away from Ogilvy though who deserved to win regardless of how everyone else was playing.

Don't look for a repeat at Sony this weekend from K.J. as there has only been one repeat winner here in the last 21 years (Ernie Els 2003 & 04 respectively). Speaking of Els, he could be one to watch this weekend. He played well at the Mercedes last weekend, and has a great track record here. Other notables I'd look out for include, J.B. Holmes, Sean O'Hair, Boo Weekly & Davis Love. As for a dark horse, look for Aaron Oberholser if anyone. He missed most of last season with a wrist injury, however a T-4 in his last start has him moving in the right direction.


Taylor Made is in the news again. Look for the launch of their new Driver, the R9 sometime in March. I guess it seems about time doesn't it? What has it been, a few month since their last release? Is it just me or is this getting a bit out of control. The market place is simply being flooded with new products every quarter making your last purchase seem like a waste. Rarely are the new products that much different than the last except for cosmetic changes. I guess it's fine though since each new release is "Their best performing, and longest Driver ever." Pretty soon we're going to have a Driver that is so straight, and so long, the game will be so easy, no one will play.

To all Manufacturers, try actually IMPROVING the technology rather than just CHANGING it. You're all a bunch of marketing clowns completely uninterested in
acutally improving anyone's game.

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