Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 Canadian Course Reviews - Part 3

#9 St. Georges Golf & Country Club

February is almost here. You know what that means? Only two more months until we'll be out there with no timing, feel or swing for that matter. I can't wait. In this installment of my course reviews I decided to review the Top three courses on the Score Golf's Top 100 list. Although they are pretty tough to get onto unless you know someone, I suggest you try your best. In my opinion these really are the best golf experiences our country has to offer.

Hamilton Golf and Country Club - Since 1894 Hamilton has been one of the very best private clubs in the country. Re-located and re-designed by Harry Colt in 1914 Hamilton re-opened in 1916 and hasn't looked back since. Construction on a new nine holes began in 1973 and was completed a year later. With the addition of the "new nine" some changes were made to the old course and the courses were renamed for playing purposes, East, West and South. Hamilton has held a variety of major events recently hosting the 2003 Canadian Open. The course received rave reviews by the players, and for good reason. It's one of the very best Parkland style golf course you'll ever play.

St. Georges Golf and Country Club - St. Georges is my favorite course in the country. I've played hundreds, and it still is the one I most enjoy. Opened in 1929 St. Georges has been host to the Canadian Open four times, and the LPGA Classic five. The Canadian Open will again be held at St. Georges again in 2010. I'm positive it will receive similar reviews from the players like those from Hamilton. It's a simply stunning Golf course, on a simply stunning piece of property. Playing 7025 yards from the tips at a par of 71, you're sure to be challenged here no matter your skill level. It's impossible for me to even pick a favorite hole as they're all so good. It's no wonder there is a seven year waiting list for a golf membership there. I'm often a fan of Stanley Thompson designs, but this one is pure genius. I'd rank it number one every year if I had a vote, though it being in the top three pretty much every year should tell you something. I've never met someone who didn't enjoy this track.

The National Golf Club of Canada - If you enjoy punishment, then you'll enjoy your round here. The National is one of the toughest courses I've ever played, period. True I played it from the back, but it just wears you down. Everything is placed exactly where it should be. Bunkers are in perfect spots. The greens are as true as anything I've ever putt on, and the condition of the course is always spectacular. Yes, it's difficult to get onto, but worth trying to just once. I don't think I'd have the stomach to play this course every day. Anyone who loves golf though, will appreciate this piece of land.

There's a reason these three gems are always at the top of the rankings. You can't find better courses anywhere in the country. There are dozens of amazing clubs, but these stand head and shoulders above the rest. If you haven't already, make the trip and see for yourself.

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