Thursday, January 15, 2009

An Icey Thursday Link Dump

Yes it's true. You've heard correctly. It's currently -31 degrees right now with the windchill. With actual golf seeming eons away and me being too damn cold to do just about anything, why not try killing some time somewhere a little warmer than here.

The ARMCHAIR Golfer will enlighten you with some political madness and something to look forward to.
Get the Average Golfer's perspective on this week's Sony Open and some thoughts reflecting Draconian Law.
What would a frigid Thursday be without the Golf Chick?
Jason Logan is back to blogging over at the Score, something worth checking out.
What would a Link Dump really be without throwing the barber into the mix?

Maybe you'll here from me later. However, frostbite is imminent and I suppose I should try and get some work done.


Jeff Goodman (Goods) said...

Same weather here. You can freeze your d**k off if you're not careful.

Stay warm when u watch the Sony this week.

The Reverend said...

It's mad depressing.
Ahmen for televised golf.