Thursday, November 20, 2008

J.P. Hayes is an idiot

HAHA, El Paso Touring professional J.P. Hayes has made the news after admitting to the PGA that he'd used a prototype, nonapproved golf ball during the second stage of Q-School.

Hayes evidently had his caddie throw him a ball from his bag that he played two shots with before realizing it wasn't the same he'd been using since the start of the round. He took the appropriate two-stroke penalty, then realized later it was a non-conforming ball. He reported it and was subsequently disqualified even though he was in position to advance to the final stage and likely obtain his 09 card.

Hayes had earned over $7,000,000 dollars in his career on tour and is probably a little more than pissed he's likely going to be teeing it up next year on the Nationwide tour.

I wonder if he fired his Caddie for his choice of ball.

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