Monday, November 24, 2008

GM's problems mount

I've never been one for Buicks. In fact, I'm pretty sure they suck. Taking that thought even further I'm pretty sure all GM cars are awful. Could that be a reason the company is in so much perile? I'm sure this recent economic downturn is mainly to blame, but when you produce a shitty product, what do you expect.

I'm sure Buick doesn't want to lose Tiger Woods, but how on earth would they even be able to pay him? With that, the car giant and golf giant are parting ways at the end of this year. Tiger's deal with Buick was worth somewhere just south of 7 million and given their current situation GM can't afford to shell out that kind of cash. Apparentlyy they're "cost-cutting". Might be a good idea.

Tiger is better than Buick anyway. Why the fuck would he ever have associated his name with such a shitty car to begin with. I'm sure any other manufacturer would have dished out the money. I'd be shocked and extremely upset if I ever saw Tiger Woods driving down the street in a fucking Buick.

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