Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John Daly is a Trainwreck

This isn't new news I suppose. However every now and again people need to be reminded. I'm all for second maybe even third chances when someone screws up, but this guy is simply an idiot. There are few players on tour that actually posess the amount of raw talent John Daly does, which makes this whole thing so sad.

Daly hasn't held a PGA Tour card since 2006 when his exemption for winning the 2004 Buick Invitation expired. He did manage to play in 17 PGA Tour events last year making a dismal five cuts while earning a paltry $56,000. Let's not forget the umpteenth divorce and the night he spent in jail back in October after being found drunk off his ass at North Carolina Hooters.

Daly is playing in playing the Aussie Masters this week then the Australian PGA next week both of which he received sponsors expemptions for. Amazingly Daly fired a final round 62 at the Hong Kong Open last week to finish in 17th, boosting his terrific World ranking to 692nd. Although Daly is still a draw most places he goes, there's a sentiment on tour and among fans that his act is getting a bit tired. I for one wouldn't go out to watch a former PGA and British Open Champion grind his way through what would likely be a shitty round of golf.

It's time for Daly to get his shit together or I'm guessing he won't be around much longer.

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