Monday, February 9, 2009

Who would win the War

I decided to take a unique perspective with respect to golf equipment to make the decision a much easier one for you, the ever so gullible consumer. New toys are synonymous with golf which fortunately for the manufacturers is riddled with overpaid and underappreciated spouses who have little else to do but spend their fairly easily earned money in hopes that they may just suddenly figure it out. Every so often I'll put two different and popular products to battle and see whose left standing at the end. All of this is of course in my opinion only, which means it's 100% accurate.


Taylor Made R9 vs. Callaway FT-9

Taylor Made, the self-proclaimed king of the metal wood is back in 2009 with the R9. If you're one of the many who enjoy drivers that offer adjustability then this may be for you. Evidently it has more performance enhancing features than ever. Along with their standart weight movement technology, they've added new Flight Control Technology (FCT) that allows for eight different clubhead positions to fine tune face angle, lie and loft. It has a bunch of other shit that you'll love, and will make little difference to your game. If you decide this is the stick for you, don't lose the torque wrench or getting a new one will cost you.

Not to be outdone Callaway has introduced the new FT-9 this season. It did wonders for Phil Mickelson in last week's Buick Invitational. As a sneak peak, don't miss out on the FT-11 early next season, and the FT-13 the following spring. You heard it hear first. With Draw and Neutral options available the FT-9's Hyperbolic Face Technology have increased ball speeds over the entire face. This shit is space age. I could get into all the other jargon that Callaway spits at you on their website and in their marketing, but really who cares. It's new, so you should buy it.

Reverend says - The FT-5 kicked ass, so I'm putting my money on the FT-9, screw the torque wrench shit. FT-9 in a walk.


Mad Hatter said...

drivers, ough!!!! I have given up on these new drivers, they promise so much for the weekend golfer. After investing thousands in a stick that claim to produce greater distances, im still reaching my same distance as I was 4 years ago, my purse is just lighter.

Lloyd the Barber said...

Tiger would win the war